Cold Brew Coffee Starter Kit


Everything you need to make delicious cold brew coffee at home

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“Do you have cold brew?”

That is one of the most common questions we receive when serving coffee. It is a staple and even the brew of choice for many now. It is easy to make and ready to drink at any time of day. Yet, we still see so many people buying jugs of it from the grocery store. I understand, though. When I first started making cold brew, it would take me forever and make such a mess. The effort outweighed the benefits of making my own cold brew coffee. I also had a difficult time determining how much coffee to use. One batch would be so strong my hair would stand on end, then the next batch would be brown water. I struggled to make it taste consistently delicious.

This is why we have put this kit together: it saves time, saves clean up, and saves money.

Cold brew is one of the most simple beverages to make…with the right pieces. With this kit, you can set your jar in the fridge for a day, pull the grinds, and toss them (hopefully into your compost). That’s it! This kit provides everything you need to make consistently delicious cold brew at home for less then you are spending at the grocery store.

In the kit you will receive:

  • 1 – 12 oz bag of 9 Rings coffee (our coffee specially crafted for cold brew)
  • 3 – Coffee filter pouches
  • 1 – Packet of salts for making mineral water (crafted to highlight sweetness)
  • 1 – Water Plunger for making mineral water
  • Recipes for Cold Brew Coffee and Mineral Water Concentrate

What you will need in addition to the kit (not included in kit):

  • Large mouth jar, or pitcher, for brewing coffee
  • *Small jar with lid for mineral water concentrate
  • *DI (deionized) Water


*The mineral water concentrate will take a little effort to set up. Once it is, though, it makes about 15 gallons of brewing water.


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