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Our cold brew concentrate is currently a Uganda bean selected for it’s chocolate base and notes of brown spice. This is an excellent base coffee for mixing with a bit of oat or almond milk (try it as the flavor with your homemade ice cream). This is a solid daily drinker that gets you up and going in the morning, or helps you through the afternoon slog. 

We brew it at an 8:1 ratio for 24 hours. We bottle in a 750mL glass bottle (style of bottle may change) with cork and is sealed so you can be sure no one has tampered with your black gold.


*Cold brew concentrate bottles must be pre-ordered. Once the order has been placed, we will contact you to advise when the bottle will be ready and where to pick up. 


**Due to the bottles being glass, we cannot ship. Please select local pick up when choosing a delivery option.


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