Return and Refund Policy

We want to provide you with damn fine coffee and other products. In order to do that, we have to roast it fresh. That means we currently roast it when you order it. We understand that life happens for both the company and the consumer. Therefore, we process cancellations and refunds all the way up until the coffee is roasted. Once the coffee is roasted (order status updated), the sale is final and a refund will not be provided. This pertains to all coffee items (including, but not limited to cold brew).

All ready-to-drink sales are final. If there was an issue with your beverage, please contact us at InkleDeux@gmail.com so we can rectify any mishaps and ensure our products are at the highest quality possible.

Merchandise sales are processed through a third party on a customer order basis. Therefore, the return and refund policy of that company will need to be followed.

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