The Team

After the first meeting to discuss starting a podcast, 2017.

It started on Taco Tuesday

Not too long ago, Brandon found himself sitting in his History of Christianity class with a new appreciation for ritual and a connection to the past (no school, like the old school). He decided to enter the Catholic confirmation process. Knowing his cousin AJ to be involved with the Catholic Church, Brandon contacted him to be his sponsor, a job AJ took quite seriously. The two began to meet at Rubio’s for Taco Tuesday. There, they discussed, and at times argued, topics pertaining to the Catholic Church, as well as everyone and everything else for that matter (often to the great confusion of other customers around us). It wasn’t all business though, there was a series of Ridiculous Scenarios that came out of these discussions (roaring laughter wasn’t a requirement, but it was strongly encouraged). It was our own version of Inklings.

In 2015 Brandon began roasting and selling coffee under the Muertos Coffee brand. After 2 years of “learning opportunities,” he decided he needed help. Brandon was not happy with the direction of the Muertos brand and wanted to put together a team to help create something special. Knowing that AJ had a greater experience with beer and shared the same sense of community (our family is a special mix of love and bust’n chops), Brandon asked if he would be willing to team up. AJ took a week to discern and then jumped on board.

The decision to start with a podcast was quite easy, as it is a continuation of the Taco Tuesday conversations we treasured and want to share with others. We want to build a community we can love and challenge (and be challenged by) and share delicious craft beverages with. We hope you join us in the conversation and look for our first coffee offering in Jan of 2019.

AJ Enfield

So, I’m AJ. I have a bachelor’s degree in philosophy from the Pontifical College Josephinum, a Catholic seminary located in Columbus, Ohio. Having spent my whole life as a practicing Catholic and attending Catholic schools from 4th grade through my college graduation, it’s safe to say that the teachings of the Church have a major influence in my thinking. Beyond that, I am an avid reader, a rabid sports fan, and fan of nearly all food and drink. My favorite pastime, however, is reasoned conversation, especially with those who disagree with me.

Brandon Ray

I have a vision of sitting with a delicous beverage, working on my writting inside a cafe that I own. I have been in some sort of service industry my whole life. I have a passion for the experiences that leave an impression, that make us better. I graduated from Arizona Sate University with a degree in Religious Studies, where I focused most of my electives around Christianity, Buddhism, and story telling (mainly classical literature and film). I spend a good chunk of my time with my wife and two girls. Free time is a unicorn, but I try to make room for friends/family (I tremendously value my relaitonships), comics, and the occiasional movie or Netflix show.

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