Code of Conduct

The goal of our content is to encourage meaningful conversations that are founded in love but also challenge our way of thinking. That being said, there are some rules we need to follow to ensure the website remains accessible to all. InkleDeux will delete any comments that do not comply with the following:

No excessive swearing or cursing (no F-Bombs, folks)

No hateful or derogatory comments that pertain to race, religion, sex, age, disability, sexual preference or any other ad hominem (haters should read the “not welcome” sign and return to hatersville)

Comments and replies should pertain to the discussion topic and address the idea without assessment or insult of the person commenting (no one is perfect, so we help each other along this journey)

All comments should seek to add value to the discussion and benefit all readers for having considered it (this is how we make the world just a little bit better)


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