The Team

We first started meeting to seek understanding of concepts that were being presented in Catholic Confirmation class. We would meet for Taco Tuesday and joke and laugh, but also ask difficult questions that weren’t always safe to ask in a classroom setting. Life happened and we stopped meeting. We both found that there was this deep hole in our lives that could only be filled by gathering together around a table with food and drinks and connecting socially, loving and challenging each other in meaningful conversation. These meetings helped build our confidence because we were able to fully work through difficult concepts. That confidence helped change our interactions with others so we could connect with empathy instead of becoming defensive. Now as a teacher and a father, we use this same method to work through life and all that it brings so we can positively impact the next generation of Blue Collar Scholars. 

Grab a delicious beverage, pull up a seat, and join the conversation.

AJ Enfield

So, I’m AJ. I have a bachelor’s degree in philosophy from the Pontifical College Josephinum, a Catholic seminary located in Columbus, Ohio. Having spent my whole life as a practicing Catholic and attending Catholic schools from 4th grade through my college graduation, it’s safe to say that the teachings of the Church have a major influence in my thinking. I am a Highschool Religions teacher at a Catholic School. Beyond that, I am an avid reader, a rabid sports fan, and fan of nearly all food and drink. My favorite pastime, however, is reasoned conversation, especially with those who disagree with me.

Brandon Ray

I have a vision of sitting with a delicious beverage, working on my writing inside a café that I own. I have been in some sort of service industry my whole life. I have a passion for the experiences that leave an impression, that make us better. I graduated from Arizona Sate University with a degree in Religious Studies, where I focused most of my electives around Christianity, Buddhism, and story telling (mainly classical literature and film). I spend a good chunk of my time with my wife and two girls. Free time is a unicorn, but I try to make room for friends/family (I tremendously value my relationships), comics, and the occasional movie/show.

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