Episode 4 – Elevate Coffee – McCarrick and Gunn

We start off the podcast by AJ grossing me out thoroughly, but transitione nicely into a delicious coffee from Elevate Coffee (elevatecoffee.com). We got the House Blend, unfortunately there was no information on what beans were used or what the flavor profile is, so that’s a bit of a bummer. I know not everyone cares about that, but for $13+ dollars, I think there should be a little more info to bolster that value proposition. I brewed a small batch and it was quite tasty. It was very straight forward bakers chocolate and a smooth body. It was not an overly complex coffee, but a very consistent daily drinker.  We recommend it.

If you have a coffee or other craft beverage you would like us to review, please let us know. There is a huge world of craft beverages out there.

Our topic is a bit heavy this time around.

We touch on the update from El Papa and his statement that capital punishment is no longer an acceptable solution. Then our main topic is discussing two individuals whose past came back to bite them. Former Cardinal McCarrick and former GOTG director James Gunn. Two very different situations that provide an interesting compare and contrast. I got to probe AJ’s experience in seminary for an insiders opinion on how the Church and priests deal with these scandals.

Listen in and share your thoughts. We’d love to hear what you have to say on one or both of these issues.

Thank you for joining us for another episode. We hope you enjoy them because we really like making them. If you do enjoy them, please be sure to rate and subscribe wherever you get your podcasts. If you do not subscribe to podcasts, please be sure to subscribe to the website so the blog posts are sent directly to your email. You can stream the podcast from the blog post on the website.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts and opinions.


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