Episode 6 – Latitude 33 IPA – Dual Nature of Christ

Today’s episode gets deep. These are the topics that we are passionate about and really like to dig into. Please weigh in by commenting or start a conversation on social media posts.

We start off by enjoying, or at least I did, a very fruit forward blood orange IPA from Latitude 33. I picked this IPA up when I was in Ocean Side and saved one to review for the show. I really enjoy this beer because I’m still getting use to IPAs, so I like something to balance the hops out. AJ, on the other hand, is our ole timer as it pertains to IPAs, so he like the actual flavor of hops (which I think is just crazy talk). The official verdict is that this is a great IPA for someone who doesn’t like IPAs but can’t lose street cred when hanging out with a group of IPA drinkers.

Our conversation is a question that I asked AJ a few years ago when I was reading through the Catechism. Christians everywhere agree with the first four councils, but the 5th and 6th is where Protestants start to break away from the older traditions (Roman Catholic and Orthodox). By the end of the 6th council the Christian world had confirmed that Christ was both fully man and fully god. Therefore, he had both a human nature and divine nature. The catechism uses language that I was not able grasp.  Reading it sounded like Christ had a split personality, or that Christ may not have actually had a choice to die on the cross. All of these were addressed in the councils, but I was still struggling with them. We don’t have it answered by the end of the show, but we wrestled with it and that is what we should do. Working to know God is equally about the journey and the destination.

I benefited greatly from this conversation and I hope you do to.

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