Episode 23 – Human Power Dynamics

Today’s topic is around the paper Pedagogy of the Oppressed by Paulo Freire. It is a follow up to a post I made back on National Women’s Day. I, Brandon, chose not to celebrate that day because of how it was being celebrated and so I did a little bit of reading to justify my perspective. There are many perspectives, as these are very dynamic situations, but this gave a bit of credence to what I have been seeing. I speak a bit more about power dynamics and how we should handle them. It is my response to how I believe we operate in the world today.

I say “I” because this is yet another podcast with just Brandon. We are having some more technical difficulties. We are hoping to be back up and running next week, but at the rate we are going, I’m not making any promises. Please know we are working to get this figured out so we can get back to our regularly scheduled shenanigans.

For the beverage, I discuss my experimentation with cold brew coffee and coconut milk. And we wrap it all up with a life lesson pertaining to awareness. I hope you enjoy and please don’t forget to share this on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

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