Episode 24 – Christian Unity

The episode I’ve been telling you about for 3 weeks is finally here, and there are some gems in this one. We dig into the concept of unity. We believe that unity does not mean uniformity. It is establishing the relationship on common ground and building towards those higher, more complex conversations. This is framed around religion, primarily Catholic and Protestant, but it can really be applied to any realm: friendship, being a manger, being a spouse…being a human, really.

And yes, I said WE up there. It was not a mistake. We finally got our technical difficulties taken care of so both of us could be on the podcast. Those issues spurred us to make the leap and get some new equipment too. I’m really proud of how this sounds. I hope you hear the difference. We are committed to making this something special and this was a necessary first step to getting better.

Our beverages were the Voodoo Ranger IPA and the Groundworks Nitro Cold Brew coffee, which we rant on for while because it is more expensive than beer (whaaa?!?!?).

We wrap up the conversation with good life lessons regarding how to approach conversations empathy and perspective.

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