Highlights Season 2 – Pastor Tim Wright

To launch our second season of Highlights, we sat down with Pastor Tim Wright from Community of Grace Lutheran Church at Cabin Coffee in Peoria. Pastor Tim has more than 30 years of experience as a pastor, having served both in large, established churches and smaller, growing churches. He graciously agreed to share some of his incredible insights with us.

Obviously, as a man who has dedicated his life to sharing Christ with others, he shares our passion for matters of faith, specifically how it’s lived. Our faith is a team sport, and Pastor Tim shared his thoughts on how families and communities can help to support the faith of others. This conversation lead us to education, which AJ was incredibly excited to dive in to. In addition to his extensive education and experience in faith, Pastor Tim also tapped into his studies of neuroscience to bring another level of depth to the discussion about the boy crisis in America.

Please visit Pastor Tim’s website at: www.wonderofparenting.com

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