Friends For Life And Friends For A Season

Friends are an undeniably essential part of life. We all need friends, there are no two ways about it. That being said, there is something that has been weighing on me during this time of various degrees of quarantine. In all my time alone, away from many of my friends, I’ve been wondering why some of them call me, some I call, and others we seem to be fine just waiting to see each other again eventually.

To be totally clear, this is not a question of some of them being better people or anything like that, it’s just been a slow, gradual realization that while I call them all my friends, there are, to borrow the phrase, levels to friendship.

I don’t want to oversimplify things down to the playground best friends titles, but there is something to it. Sometimes, God sends people to us because we will help to build each other up over the course of our lives. Other times, though, we are there for a specific season or purpose. This doesn’t mean they are less valuable. In fact, sometimes those short term friends are the ones who help you in the times of greatest trial. On the other hand, those life long friendships provide an anchor point, a grounding to keep us steady through the ups and downs that life constantly sends our way.

In all cases, as friends, we are helping each other to become more the people God created us to be, to help build up His kingdom. All friends are a blessing as long as they are in our lives. So, no matter how long our friendships last, know that my gratitude for it will last forever.

On a related note, I was invited to make my YouTube debut talking about InkleDeux, coffee, and friendship by the incredible guys at Christ, Culture, and Coffee. Check it out below, and let us know what you think!

AJ’s YouTube Debut
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