Serve, Even If No One Knows

Service is a calling. I agree that we are all called to serve in some way, but to have a true heart of service is something different. It is the desire to lift others up and see the win. It is to find joy in the benefit of others. It is to gain energy by giving it away.

True service is often quiet and unnoticed because it is not for the praise of others. We see so often these days people who publicize all of their charitable works and brag about their good deeds. This type of giving is less like service and more like coercion. These good deeds are doing with the intent to get something in return, be it likes and follows or sponsorships. There is so much frustration in social media from people who do certain things and are then frustrated because they did not get the response they wanted. True service isn’t a reciprocating relationship. There is no return on investment…at least on this side of Heaven.

For those that serve, God gives to them so they may give to others. It is a pouring out, like a drink offering. The more they pour out their hearts in service, the more God pours into their spirit. God intentionally pours into a different area so it cannot become a give and take relationship.

True service is service to God. It is a form of worship. It almost doesn’t matter who receives the blessings because it isn’t for them. It is for God, like singing a worship song when there is no one around. If it was possible to serve without anyone there, it would be just as fine. The recipient is considered as much as they are valued by God and therefore worth building up and lifting up.

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