Fate Favors The Prepared

Have you ever sat down and watched a cooking show and get frustrated because they make it look so easy? Yeah, I could cook an amazing meal like too! If I had everything set up for me in pre-measured little dishes and everything set up for me!

As I continue to cook, and continue to work out my faith, I find more and more similarities with the two. We see these great Saints and think, “I could be holy too if I was given all of the opportunities they had?” If we are honest with our selves, we say this about a lot of things. I would be as popular as them if I had those abs. I would would be more successful if I dressed like them. We are always comparing ourselves to others, looking for an excuse to make for why we are not where we want to me.

Instead of comparing ourselves and looking for an excuse, we should look for something to learn. For me, rather than say I can’t make that amazing of a meal, I asked, “how are they so efficient in the kitchen?” Oh! It’s because they have everything pre-measured and the necessary tools out and ready before they start working. Can I do that? Yes. Yes, I can. So, I began preparing more. Pulling all of my ingredients out and putting them within arms reach. Getting all of my utensils out and putting them within arms reach. I started reading ahead of the recipe so I had a general sense of the order in which I was going compile everything. Guess what? My cooking efficiency has gone up, my messes have gone down, and the enjoyment of the process has skyrocketed all because I put in the extra effort up front. I focused more on the preparation than the execution.

I think that is what we do in faith too. We see the execution, but we don’t pay attention to the preparation. When we read about the lives of the Saints, we don’t see people with four leaf clovers just stumbling through jack pots and golden opportunities. It’s usually the opposite. We see people who lived quite, consistent lives at the foot of their master. People who worked out their faith in the dark because it was the reward itself. Then, because they have spent so much time alone with God, in preparation for answering their call, they explode onto the scene like Angels from Heaven. Some are known for their long lives of service (Mother Therese for example), but many of them are known for one great act of faith.

I am committing to not looking for excuses as to why I am not succeeding. I am committing to not comparing myself to another’s one great act. I will look to the lives of those who have accomplished what I wish to achieve, be it holiness or cooking…ness, and asking, “How can I better prepare?”

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