Value The Creator, Not The Created

I recently returned from a wonderful trip to a cabin in the woods. It was up on a hill with a beautiful view of the mountains and forest. At night, I sat in the cold staring up at the stars. I found myself praising God for making something so amazing as this world.

During much of that time, I was reading. I began reading another piece by my patron (Athanasius of Alexandria). The piece is called, “To the Heathen.” It is a wonderful bit of writing, especially if you are a fan of CS Lewis. I know Lewis was familiar with the writings of Athanasius and I think I can see some of the influence on his writing. It is very logical and begins with common human experiences and adds layer upon layer until it reaches the conclusion. In this book, Athanasius is refuting idols. There was one point in which he asks, why do you see the rock, which has eyes but can’t see, ears but can’t hear, etc. and worship it instead of the person who has a will, imparted that will upon the stone, has eyes that see and ears that hear? Is not the craftsman greater than the craft? Shouldn’t the craftsman get the praise and not the craft?

That convicted me. I realized I had been spending all this time in God’s creation marveling at His works. Sure, I would thank him for it, but that’s it. I remained focused on the creation though. I should instead wonder at the one who made the trees, the birds, the mountains, the elk. If creation is beautiful, how much more beautiful is the creator?

I realized I had not made that final step in moving to true praise of the Creator. It is so much easier to remain in my senses. Focus on what I can see and feel. It is so easy to stay there, but creation was not meant just for our senses. It was made to reveal God to us. That is how so many ended up in idolatry. They knew there was something greater, but could not conclude the Creator by His creation. They stayed in their senses and so made idols of the things they enjoyed.

I will now be consciously looking for places where I have remained in the easy state of thanking God for the pleasures of this world and realizing that anything that I experience as good is a revelation of how magnificent God is.

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