Episode 7 – Entrepreneur Meet up

Not to long ago, AJ and I sat discussing social media, and to no ones surprise we both quickly acknowledged our lack of…skill, maybe? I don’t know. We just aren’t that good at it, to be honest.

Around that time I spoke to some other people who discussed business opportunities with me and all I could think about was how much they would benefit from a good social media presence.  So, I thought to myself, I need help with social media, other people need help with social media…why not find a way to help us all with social media.

One individual I follow on Instagram, Alison Kay Furno (@alisonkayfurno). She is currently up to 20k followers. I enjoy her posts and she is obviously having some success, so I reached out and asked if she would be willing to spend some time with us. She was very gracious and meet up with us at Helio Basin Brewery. The brewery was great and spoke to me ahead of time and was also very willing to let us take some space for a meet up.

We got there and got all set up. We only had us two and one more show up. At first I was discouraged but we ended up getting some really good quality time with Alison. It basically turned into a 1.1 consultation for us and Nico (the other guy who joined). It was really good to have someone look at our stuff and say, “that’s good…that is not good…THAT is really not good.” Sometimes you just need someone to look at your stuff and give you a third person perspective to help you figure it out.

At the end, we recorded a short podcast. We talked to both Alison and Nico (info posted below) and shot some silly questions at them just for giggles. It was a good time and we had some great beer as well. Listen in for some fun conversations and we review 4 of the beers.

Alison Kay Furno

Nico DeBruyn



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