Episode 11 – Xanadu Coffee – Christmas Rant

We ran a marathon…

Anyone who knows us knows that it wasn’t the running kind. That would be crazy talk. We did a marathon of interviews for our Highlights mini-series. We stopped for lunch and decided to record a podcast on location. It is an exotic location, a Barro’s Pizza.

We start off with a pour over we got from Mama Toledo’s Pie Hole (one of our up coming highlights). They serve Xanadu Coffee. This was a good cup of coffee. It is a solid drinking coffee. We got it from a pie shop, so it was tailored to compliment pies (I believe). This roaster has been popping up all of the place recently and I think we should try to talk to him at some point.

AJ leads this conversation off with a rant on how early Christmas is starting. The talk turns to a plea to stop the hustle and bustle of the commercialized version of Christmas we currently celebrate and move towards a time of internal preparation and introspection. We should be focusing on Christ joining mankind as well as family and other important relationships. We are not against our modern version of Christmas, but we believe there is a need for a bit less focus on things, and more intentional celebrations with loved ones.

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