A Product of Good Parenting

As we wrap up the love fest that is our highlights mini-series, I want to reflect on another line from the interview with Luana’s Coffee Yard. I asked Aaron where he got some of his work ethic and problem solving and he said that he was a product of good parenting. This struck me deep. I didn’t realize it until I found myself chewing on this one line two weeks after.

Firstly, I think it is impressive that there is someone aware of the parenting he received. Many of us take the work our parents did for granted. Maybe good parenting has become so rare that it stands out. Maybe it’s just the few who are self-aware that see what their parents instilled in them, intentionally and unintentionally. This is a journey I have been on for the last five years or so. Our parents have a huge impact on how we think and operate. Being aware of its positive, or negative, impacts allows us to either build on, or rectify, our individual traits.

Secondly, it has helped me formulate my thoughts on progress. Yes, many people are born into better and worse situations. But it is my firm belief that a family can change their “station” in 3 generations. It’s hard to think in long terms like that, but that is what my family has done. My parents said, and have told me that it was their constant motivation, that they wanted us to have more than they did. This was intentional and they communicated it with us. Maybe not formally, but, for example, when I was being pushed to graduate college, it was stated clearly. They had set a bench mark, not having college graduates prior. At the time, the best chance at success was a college education. So that became the goal, get our kids to graduate college.

Additionally, I have spoken with my brother and he has said it many times, “it’s our job to make their lives better than ours.” This is a principal that is ingrained in us, and we will in grain in our children. Our job is to lift up the next generation to a greater place than ours. If you want to be in a better place, you have to work for it. Even though you work for it, you might not see the pay off, but your kid will. And if your kid works for their children equally hard, then your grandchildren will be in a far better place.

Good parenting is how we make the world better. I strongly believe that the parenting Aaron received set him up for his current success, giving him tools and skills to succeed as an entrepreneur. I would encourage all of you considering becoming parents, and those who already are, to work with a goal to make those who come after you better than yourself. If we all worked that way, the world would slowly, but surely, become better.

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