Highlights – Jesse Perry Art

We became aware of Jesse’s art through craft beer. He designed a can label for Helio Basin that is wonderfully unique. Jesse has a wonderful presence in the the downtown area. Brandon had seen a few of his murals and not realized they were his until after speaking with him. His style is very unique and easy to identify due to his color selection, lines, and characterizations.

We both really enjoyed this interview because Jesse is very self-aware of what he does as an artist and a person. There is a lot to pull from this interview on how to interact with art, the role of an artist in a community, how art can be used for healing, as well as some good information on how to succeed as an artist entrepreneur. If you enjoy any style of art, I think you will appreciate the insights offered by Jesse. Also, if you know an artist, please share with them as Jesse speaks to why artists suffer so much and how they can overcome it.

If you enjoy art, I strongly recommend you check out is InstaGram, FaceBook, and Twitter. If you need a mural or art to liven up an empty space at your home or business, you can reach Jesse directly through those social media platforms.

I would like to take a moment and thank our gracious hosts, Grinders Coffee Co. They lovely and the coffee was delicious.

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