Episode 17 – Christian Validity and Equality

We are really leaning into our Christian/Religious backgrounds lately, which feels good. It’s kind of like a runner going for a jog after being cooped up for a long time. This is the arena where we really get to flex our brains (please ladies, no swooning).

After discussing the craft beverages and giving a few important announcements, we jump into the topic. Brandon poses the question that since Protestants and Eastern Orthodox haven’t gone away, like the early heresies, are they then valid and equal? There are so many on both sides working to disqualify the other, the question of why still bicker about it all after 400 years (or 1000 for the Eastern Orthodox)? This is a large topic and we tried to keep it a semi-surface level. The reason being, these topics are not stand alone. They touch many different principles that we cannot satisfy all of them and then circle back to the main topic. Over the next few podcasts, we’ll continue to work through some of the tangential issues that make us question the validity and equality of each of the Christian traditions (well, neither of us know much about Orthodox, so we’ll probably focus more on the Protestant/Catholic perspective).

There are a couple of good life lessons to pull from the discussion. 1) Control the conversation, and 2) give the other person the benefit of the doubt. Our motto for this podcast is to Debate Without Hate. It is possible, folks, to have a meaningful conversation with those who think differently than you.

Give it a listen. If there is something that strikes a cord with you, please share, comment on social media, send us an email, how ever you want to get a hold of us.

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