Frustrated with coffee?

On my last blog, I discussed the two external issues that we are setting ourselves in opposition to, bitter coffee and knit caps. Those are two things that we are openly fighting against. But why fight those two things? Yeah, they are annoying, but is it really worth the effort?

Yes…yes, it is.

Here is why these two external things are worth fighting against: it’s frustrating.

I’m sure if we took a poll, many of you would express frustration with coffee. On one side, people are so sick of Starbucks coffee but they know it’s better than most of the swill out there. Or, like my dad, has resorted back to Folgers because at least it isn’t bitter. (Don’t worry, they buy coffee from us now.) It is frustrating to give your money for a product you don’t really like, but buy it just because it sucks less then the alternative. I don’t love my money, but money is a tangible representation of the work I’ve done. I don’t like trading my precious few resources for something that doesn’t add value, that I don’t enjoy.

Then there is the frustration of trying to get something better than bitter coffee. It seems like as soon as you ask someone how to start drinking better coffee, they give you this list that results in around $500 of home equipment and increases the time to make coffee 10x. Or, you go to a fancy new coffee shop and because you are new to all the weird lingo they use, you get treated like some petty commoner who doesn’t belong. This is a very common occurrence. The sticker shock and judgment from people push a lot of coffee seekers back into Starbucks waiting hands.

This is very real frustration. I know this because I went through both. I have them separated, but they are two sides of the same coin. Rather, they represent either side of the pendulum, and we work to find that sweet spot in the middle. We want to give you a cup of coffee that is delicious, has good flavor, retains some natural sweetness, and no bitterness. Yes, good coffee and good service cost more, but it is less about the dollars and more about the value. I have spent $5 for a 12 oz coffee and felt like I was donating to a good cause and I have spent $2.75 on 16 oz coffee and felt like I got robbed. Part of the value we want to add to your experience is the removal of that frustration. Life is a journey and we don’t go from Folgers to the enlightened Buddha over night. So, we meet you where you are, love and help you, then challenge you to go just one step further at a time. If we can help remove frustration from your life, then our work is well done.

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