Episode 18 – Trump Precedents

We finally did it. We wandered into dangerous territory. That’s okay with us, because we debate without hate.

We know this is a topic that is very heated. It seems people only have strong feelings about the President, so we tame the conversation a bit by focusing on some of the precedents he is setting. Two in particular. We discuss what it means for someone who is not a career politician to become president, as well as the use of declaring a State of Emergency for the border wall.

We did change our set up a bit. Instead of having a beverage on the show (since we record late on Monday nights), we discuss our craft beverage experience over the weekend. Also, we hit our goal on this one! This podcast is only 36 minutes long, with music. It was hard, but I think the show really benefited from tightening it up. So, for those of you who listen, but haven’t stayed up with us because the shows were too long. This is a good one to jump back on board with.

Give it a listen. Please share your thoughts with us. AJ will be tweeting thoughts on it through the week. I will be on Instagram. For most of you, though, Facebook is the place. If you want to get both me and AJ, then reply to the InkleDeux post, otherwise your comments will just be seen by the person who shared it. Still good to get the conversation started though.

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