Highlights – The Brewbecue

We discoverd The Brewbecue by their interview on Tap That Az. I commented on the IG post and Eric said they would be great for our show. He was right because The Brewbecue is so much more than smoked meat. They are a B-corp that leans into their charity work. This is exactly the type of start up business we want to talk with.

The ownership team are all super laid back folks, but also incredibly insightful. They don’t just do stuff just because. There is a lot of thought behind what they do and why they do it. They utterly destroy stereo types. I love meeting people like this. You hear that they were part of a metal band and jump to whatever conclusion you will*, and then they talk about thermodynamics of the smoker, being software engineers, and you hear their heart for those in need and your mind explodes. The Brewbecue team is exactly the type of people we look for. Hard working craftsmen (and woman) who are thoughtful and intentional about what they do. We need so much more of this in Az. We unfortunately did not get to try their food at the interview, but we are going to try really hard to make it to their next event.

Please follow them on Instagram and show them some love. If you have an event and need some Damn Fine barbecue, please reach out and contact The Brewbecue. Not only will you be helping a local business get started, but also supporting those in need here in Arizona.

I would also like to thank our gracious host, Helton Brewing Company. They were kind enough to let us record out back so we had the area to ourselves. I highly recommend this place. The beer is fantastic.

The audio is a little choppy at times because we only had the 2 microphones but had 4 people.

*I happen to listen to music in this genre so I was not as impacted by the perception, but I am quite familiar with many who would be. -B

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