Episode 25 – Easter and Sri Lanka

Amidst our greatest celebration day, there was an attack in Sri Lanka that targeted Christians. We aren’t here to be analysts and we aren’t shooting for CNN, but this effects us deeply. We knew that we couldn’t focus on how great and cheery our Easter was without acknowledging the travesty of these attacks. We don’t dig into the details much, but discuss our initial responses to it. Part of this conversation is us discussing a current event, some of it is us working through how we exist in our modern world.

A note on the podcast. We recorded Monday night and I write this on Tuesday night. More information has come out since then, so as I said, this is not an informational podcast. This is us processing.

The podcast starts out with a couple of different beverages that we haven’t discussed before. AJ drinking wine? Brandon having beer with dessert? This world really is topsy turvy.

We did have some more technical difficulties so the sound is a little off. We are working on getting that figured out. Also, Brandon’s new mic is messing up, so he has been working with the manufacturer to get that figured out. Thank you for bearing with us.

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