Highlights – Creating You pt 1 – Krista Fabrick

We joined the Creating You group right when it started. We may not have been able to make it to all of the meetings, but going has resulted in big mindset shifts. See, we aren’t social media people, especially not social media marketers. So, once we realized we wanted to share our efforts (be it coffee, podcast, or blogs), we quickly realized we need help and lots of it.

This resulted in us trying to start an entrepreneur meet up. That failed terrifically. It did give us some insight though. We aren’t really entrepreneurs and we don’t have that network to host such a thing. What we needed was to join someone who was and had those things. As fate would have it, Alison, whom we asked to talk to us about social media, started just what we were looking for with her former marketing teacher, Krista Fabrick. We have been on board and trying to support their efforts as much as possible. (I realize that allowing them to teach me how to be better at marketing isn’t really “supporting” them, but we bring coffee to the meetings and try to post and reply on their social media. Our engagement will help them get others engaged…or at least that’s what I tell myself.)

I asked these two amazing women to join me on the podcast, which they were both gracious enough to agree to. We discuss their paths into marketing and social media influence. I quickly realized that we had a logistical issue, we only have two microphones. So, we decided to interview Krista, then Alison, and then try to get some wrap up group questions at the end. This resulted in a super long podcast, so I cut it in half. Part 1 will be the interview with Krista. Part 2 will be the interview with Allison as well as the wrap up. If I start editing and feel we need a part 3, then I’ll break it up again, but I’m going to try and keep it at 2.

Please follow them on Instagram and Facebook as well as their podcast on iTunes. If you need some help with your social media marketing, I highly recommend you joining the meet ups (see their Facebook page for events).

I would like thank our gracious host, Java Grounds. This is a little community shop that is a non-profit and focuses on developing and training inner city kids. If you’re in the area, please support this shop over the “chain who shall not be named.”

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