Episode 29 – Meditation

Brandon was recently provided some feedback from Jared Truby from Cat and Cloud Coffee to help handle the pressure of starting a business. The advice was to meditate for 10-20 minutes morning and night. Brandon told this story on Instagram and received a request for caution from a social media friend. This lead to a larger discussion on the value different religions, such as Buddhism or Hinduism, can offer each other. For example, meditation is mastery of the self, which can be very helpful when living a Christian life. There are concerns though. East and West have very different world views and can cause confusion or result in a religion so watered down that it doesn’t add value. The discussion is around this topic of incorporating elements, such as meditation into the Christian walk. The life lessons are geared around considering the external influence to determine if it is good, and then also considering if that external influence should be internalized and made part of who you are.

For beverages, Brandon shares his love of milk in celebration of national chocolate chip cookie day and AJ tells us about his experience at Beer School 9 from Blue Pint Society.

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