Episode 26 – Privilege In The NBA

The topic of privilege is one we hit a while back here. This topic came to the forefront again due to an incident in the NBA where a fan was saying racist comments to Russell Westbrook, who reacted…strongly. This lead to a piece being written by another NBA play, Kyle Korver. In his piece titled Privileged, he discusses his experience with racism and privilege as a white player in the NBA. The key take away that we dig into is the classification of Guilty vs Responsible. So we ask the question, who is guilty of this? And where do the responsibilities lie? We are not attempting to resolve the issue, but we do share our experience and process how we are effected by these topics. We offer some life lessons that are very in line with what we are trying to achieve, a middle ground where people can engage in debate without hate.

The beverages we discuss were from Helton Brewing, which we recorded at over the weekend. This place has excellent beer and we highly recommend you check them out.

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