2019 Goal Update

Since we are almost halfway through the year, I figured it would be a good idea to to provide an update on how we are doing on our goals for this year. I hope you will all hold us accountable to these, because, just as it takes a tribe to raise a kid, it takes a huge community to start a successful business. So, here we go.

Purchase a coffee roaster we can build on. This goal is kind of complete. I guess technically, we have purchased a roaster. We just haven’t received it yet. Supposedly, they are going to ship it in June, but there are just a few more days left, so they better get their crap together! It won’t help me through the summer months this year, but it should be here in time for me to get a bit of practice on it and be ready for the peak season.

Establish a cold brew coffee We have completed this goal. We are currently using a Uganda bean specifically and only for cold brew. I will be creating labels shortly to sell it as whole bean for all of you who want to make cold brew at home. Also, we are preparing to do a limited cold brew concentrate in a fancy bottle. I’m really excited about it and I hope you all will grab one while we have it.

Podcast : Tighten up format We sat down and hammered out a good format. We feel good about it. The pacing is good and the edit is easier. We try to stick to 10-15 min of banter and beverages, then 25-30 minutes digging into a single topic. This results in a much more digestible podcast in the 35-45 minute show. If you listen to the podcast, please let us know your thoughts on the format. We are always looking for fun new segments we could introduce.

Podcast : Season 2 of Highlights I am proud to announce that this is underway! We have two interviews scheduled for June 29th. I think you are all going to really like the line up we working on. I would like to make this semi-random comment…It is really hard to get women to do a podcast. We have that I am trying to get commitments from, but it’s tough. I’m not sure if there are any other two people less threatening than AJ and I, but anywho… It’s going to be really interesting.

Develop Social Media Strategy This is one that I knew would take a good chunk of the year. For one, both of us are fairly private people. It is taking a lot of work to put ourselves out there in the open. We have been doing a lot of different things and I think we have gotten comfortable with our platforms. The next step is set a consistent schedule so you all know when to look for our content.

One Speaking Engagement This is one that we have not made any progress on. AJ and I have discussed the where we want to focus his message, but have not yet hammered out the message itself. After that, we’ll need someone to trust us enough to let AJ talk to them. Understandably, that is a difficult task. I’m hoping to see a bit of traction on this one once school is back in session and youth groups are preparing to go into full gear. If you have a core team (student leaders) or a group graduating high school that need a positive and helpful message, please let us know.

That is our the status of our goals as of now. I hope to report all of them complete come December 31.

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