The Value of a Voice

I was thinking recently about the reason why I write these blog posts and why I do the podcast. I mean, in truth, it’s not like it brings me any income, they both take a fairly significant amount of time to make happen, and they both expose me to possible ridicule from others. So, why do I do it? There are multiple reasons, of course, but one stands above all others. I have a voice.

It seems like an odd statement, I suppose. After all, having a voice is not, in itself, a particularly unique thing. We all have and use our voice, whether in actual speaking, writing, art, or any other medium. In our podcast and our blogs, though, Brandon and I take the opportunity to use our voices. I won’t claim to speak for Brandon, but for me, there are three primary goals I want to achieve each time I put my voice to work.

  1. Speak Truth: First and foremost, my goal is always to give voice to the truth. I’m always trying be completely honest with what I say, sincere in the questions I ask, and engaged when I’m listening to others. Being honest, obviously, doesn’t mean I’m right. I could be totally honest in my opinion and still be giving voice to falsehoods. That’s precisely why it’s so important that I ask sincere questions and stay engaged in what others are saying. If my questions are sincere, and I genuinely listen to and seek the wisdom of others, it will vastly improve my own grasp of what is true, and make my honest speech line up ever more closely with what is true.
  2. Bring Attention to Important Topics: I want to use my voice to discuss things that really matter. This week’s podcast is an excellent example of what I mean. There are very few topics of greater importance than those dealing with the value of human life. Being able to discuss this issue, and especially hearing Brandon bring his very personal, very moving experience with the impact one life, no matter how brief, can have on others is exactly what this is all about.
  3. Help Others to Recognize Their Own Voice: The truth is that very little in my experience is truly unique. The sum total of who I am and what I’ve come to know is unique to me, but the individual parts are often common and shared with many others. In spite of this, we often find ourselves feeling alone, isolated, and disconnected from the people around us. If, by sharing my own experiences, whether highs or lows, others can know that they are understood, then maybe they will similarly use their voice to encourage others.

How about you? How do you use your voice and why? Let us know in the comments and let’s put our voices to work!

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