Being Resolved Is More Than Just Wishing And Hoping

It’s the New Year, yet again! This is the time for New Year’s resolutions and a lot of trash talk about the worthlessness of resolutions. Everyone loves pointing out, largely accurately, that most of the things we claim we’re resolved about normally lasts a matter of weeks.

The reality is, though, that we are using the word wrong. Most of us aren’t, actually, that resolute or resolved to make these things happen. We have things we’d like to see happen, and hopefully, they will! That’s not the same as resolving ourselves, though. When we say we are resolved, it implies a level of commitment to the task. If it’s a resolution, there will be a drive and a plan to make it happen.

Resolutions are good things, and we should take advantage of the changing of the year to reflect on where we are and where we hope to be. Let’s elevate our resolutions this year! Even if you have already made and broken your resolution, so what? It’s not too late, ever, to come up with the plan and the resolve to make it happen for real.

By way of example, one of my resolutions this year applies to my prayer life. I want to start praying a daily rosary. This is not the first year I’ve claimed this resolution, but I’m making it again for the obvious reason that I didn’t actually do it. It’s not a particularly difficult thing, it doesn’t take a ton of time, and so I always just said I’d do it at some point. This year, I’m scheduling it. I’m resolved and committed to seeing it be real this year, so when my alarm goes off at 5 am, I’ll get my rosary and get to praying. In addition, I’m building in accountability by posting it here.

As we move into 2020, I hope you have your resolutions and your plans in place! Let’s make it happen.

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