Keep The First Thing First

I have to be honest, I’ve been struggling. This quarantine has mixed it up on me a bit. I was good for a little while, but I finally hit that point where I ran out of gas.

I am the roaster and all around coffee guru for our company. Before the shut down, I had purpose. I roasted every weekend, I crafted coffee every weekend, I was working with coffee every weekend. Once everything shut down, I lost all of that.

Some of that energy carried over, but it ran out fast. Once I didn’t have roasting to do, I realized I didn’t know what to do with myself. I began looking for purpose, as though I had lost a piece of myself. I starting listening to all these different people who were telling me how and what I needed to do to become successful and I was trying to do them all.

This is where having a partner like AJ comes in handy for someone like me.

I wanted to take on a project that would have required quite a bit of work. He didn’t shoot it down, but said we should pray over it for a while before we jump in. I begrudgingly agreed. Thankfully I did too.

I realized that had wrapped myself up in the action of roasting and serving coffee and building a company and brand. I had moved all of the “stuff” up to the number one spot, and once it was quarantined, I felt lost. I knew that I had a calling and so I was confused at why I felt so lost. The reason was that I didn’t have the first things first.

stay focused on your goal
Keep your eyes focused straight ahead

Number one must remain number one, and that will, for me, always be Jesus Christ. I had put so many other things in the center of my heart that I lost my focus. As soon as I turned my focus back to the one who called me, and sought to answer his call, the rest just kind of fell into place. It was as though my change in focus caused a disorder in my life, and once I fixed my eyes back on Jesus it order re-established itself around me.

No matter what we do, we must always keep the first things first. We must guard ourselves from distractions and stay focused on the one who called us.

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