Podcast Episode 3 – Life Stages

The craft beverage is another Mother Road beer. This time it’s a Kolsch. Now, admittedly, both of us tend to prefer darker, heavier beers, but that said, this was a pretty thoroughly unimpressive beer. It starts strong, honestly, being a light beer ideal for summer, especially in Phoenix. It very quickly, however falls flat. There is a hint of flavors to come, but then they never arrive. It is a light, crisp beer, but in terms of taste, it is entirely unremarkable.

We get a little deeper here as we start to ease you into what the types of topics we will be hitting. We discuss who we were and how we based our decisions in some of the major junctions of our lives.

We tried to separate it into decades to help narrow down the craziness of life. We found there were pivotal moments in each decade that lead us to become who we are today. I’m not a psychologist, but I’d like to think this is not uncommon for a lot of people. We’d love to hear about a pivotal moment in your life and how it changed you for ever.

A common theme that runs through this podcast and isn’t called out is the people we keep around us. Do we keep a strong support group, or do we keep hurtful people who hinder our growth? This is an important question in life and business. We have to constantly question who we do business with. Will your friends laugh at your failure or pick you up and put you back on your feet? Will they let you continue down a bad path or kick you in the butt and get you straightened out? We have to ask similar questions when we partner with people. Will they help or hinder our mission? Will they positively or negatively represent our brand? Is this someone we want to be connected to?

I really look forward to hearing your stories. These are the things that make us who we are and we want to know who that is.

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