Episode 8 – Sit Down with Cold Brew Podcast

Over these past few months, we have really being learning a lot about ourselves. In the podcasting world, they call it, “finding your voice.” One way podcasters do that is by listening to other podcasts. I think that’s great and all, but we are about building community. So, rather than just listening to their show, I want to meet them.

I began looking for someone to bring onto the show. I started with the craft beer community because that is the largest pool. Plus, it’s something that AJ knows a lot about and I could use him as a test dummy!

I came across an┬áInstagram page for Cold Brew Podcast. This guy looked like he really knew what he was doing; but most of all, it looked like he was having fun. I reached out via IG and Greg (the guy who runs Cold Brew Podcast) was interested right away. I appreciated that, because for all the hoopla I hear about how great the craft beer community is, I’ve had a hard time getting people to talk to me. So, I was very hopeful when Greg said he would meet up.

After a few suggestions, we landed on Dubina Brewing Co as our place to meet and record. I reached out to Dubina to see if anyone could talk to us on the podcast, but didn’t get a reply. The server was very gracious and lowered the music and took care of us while we were there. The 2 beers they had are discussed in the podcast.

We met up right when it opened and had a great conversation. Listen to it below, or stream it on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, or Google Play. We greatly enjoyed meeting Greg and appreciate his willingness to talk to us. This guy really knows his beer. If you like beer, then I would recommend his podcast. Just search Cold Brew Podcast wherever you get your podcasts.

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