Local Review: Dubina Brewing Company

So, as you’ve hopefully already heard, Brandon and I met up with Greg from the ColdBrew Podcast to talk about life, beer, and adventures in podcasting. With our mutual interest in a tasty adult beverage, we decided to check out the Dubina Brewing Company as our venue for the recording, and here is what we found waiting for us.

First Impressions:

From the parking lot, it’s not a great first impression. It’s located in a fairly basic, run of the mill strip mall on 67th Avenue. On the upside, the signage was extremely clear, making it really easy as a first time visitor to know I was in the right place. The parking lot wasn’t massive, but it was certainly large enough that I doubt parking would ever be a significant issue.


Once I walked in, however, it was a different story. It felt familiar, in the sense that the setup simply made sense. Lots of tables, plenty of easy spots to watch football games, and one of my favorite staples of any brewery/restaurant, the room full of vats. As a quick aside, one thing that I really enjoy is that each one is named, not for the beer, but with names like Elaine. It is probably worth noting that we began pretty much right at the opening, so it was probably a bit quieter and more roomy for us than it is during peak hours. That said, it’s definitely set up to accommodate a crowd without any real problem. As we were there on a Sunday, if I hadn’t been “on the clock,” so to speak, it would have been an excellent place to relax and catch the full slate of NFL games.

Food, Drinks, and Service:

As it is a brewery, the beer definitely gets the top billing. I had a Bell Road IPA which was excellent. It was what you expect from a high quality IPA, hoppy and refreshing. It was an IPA for an IPA drinker. I know that may seem redundant, but it’s actually sometimes a difficult thing to find. So many IPAs seem to want to win over people like Brandon, beer drinkers who aren’t huge on that style, that people like myself, the already converted, are left feeling like it’s about half the beer we ordered. This was an honest to goodness, taste the hops, IPA.

As for the service, again, we were there right at the open, so there wasn’t necessarily a full crew on board. That said, the one waitress who was there never left us waiting, even as the podcast went on and other customers continued to come in. She was very friendly, answered all of our questions, and was very accommodating when we wanted to change the channel on the football games.

I didn’t eat anything, so I can’t contribute anything on that part of the review. I’ll be happy to edit this bit once I get out there for a lunch or something.


I definitely recommend Dubina if you’re in the area. It’s a comfortable environment for a drink, with a friendly staff, and an easy place to get to. I’m looking forward to getting back for a bite in the not too distant future.


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