Episode 12 – Post Midterm Politics

I know this post is a little late to the game. We recorded when it was much more on everyone’s mind. Now that everyone wants to be done thinking about it, here we are, asking you to listen to more. I don’t feel bad about it though. This isn’t “political” like picking between CNN and Fox News. We discuss politics in general and some of the outcomes. AJ discusses voting from a religious disposition. Brandon shares his sense of fatalism and his fear that Arizona will become California, but AJ talks him off that ledge and manages to be the voice of reason.

This episode feels kind of obligatory. You all need to get to know us and even though everyone tells you not to talk religion or politics around new people, this is the best way to get to know them. I want to let you know that we are not going to be a political podcast. Our focus is having great conversations over delicious beverages. Sometimes the best conversation at the time reaches into politics (I mean, what doesn’t these days), and we won’t shy away from it, but it isn’t our focus.

I apologize for the lack of craft beverage. We will have to figure out how to work that back in for our Skype episodes.

If you have any thoughts on the podcast or have a favorite episode, please let us know. We are going to be brainstorming the direction we take the podcast for 2019 over the next month and your feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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