The Human Element

It’s been a while since our sit down with Eric from Tap That AZ, and I’m still not done processing some of the truth he laid out for us. Brandon already took a look at what Eric had to say about the importance of family support, which is something I feel like it’s impossible to overstate, but there was another pair of statements that really grabbed my attention.

The first thing was his emphasis on the people and on the care for them. When we were talking about how he found himself becoming the adopted son of the local craft beer scene, he mentioned a few times that he thinks it’s his emphasis on the people and their stories that sets him apart. I’d have to agree, and I think it’s something that makes a ton of sense when you take a step back and look at it. After all, we all know the difference between the customer service at a place that just wants your business and the places that really want to take care of us.

This goes directly to the second thing that really stuck with me, the idea of experience over bodies. This struck me as another version of the quality over quantity argument. To be clear, it’s not automatic that the two are exclusive of each other, but which are you going to prioritize? Do you start off looking for as much as you can get, and then try to keep the quality as high as possible with those numbers? Or do you want the best your capable of, and then you’ll do as much of it as you can? It might seem like a small difference, or me nitpicking at semantics, but in reality, we’re all going to have to sacrifice somewhere along the line, and having a clear idea of what you most value is key to making the right choices.

A lot of this seems like a natural fit for business, and that’s certainly true. Brandon and I have had plenty of conversations about wanting to increase the production of our podcast, blogs, and coffee, and we agreed early on that the first thing we need is to make sure we have products we are proud of. Once we do that, we can try to grow, but we aren’t willing to lower the standard we hold ourselves to. It isn’t just a business concept, though. It certainly applies to friendship as well. Is your goal to have as many “friends” as possible, even though you have no mutual interest in each other’s lives? Or would you rather have a handful of true confidants? To me, it seems an easy call.

Before I call this a wrap, though, I just want to say again what a joy Eric was to talk to. Check out Tap That AZ and keep yourself in the loop about some of the coolest stuff happening in the state on the local brew and food scene!

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