Highlights – Aaron Ginn-Forsberg, BTG Real Estate

This week’s Highlight is an old friend of Brandon’s. They go way back. Brandon reached out to Aaron because his journey has been amazing to watch. 

Aaron’s journey is similar to Siddhartha (except for the whole becoming Buddha thing). He starts in a higher place, financially and spiritually, then sheds it all because it wasn’t adding up for him. He then went on a journey to discover what did answer his questions. He shares with us the lessons he learned as he rediscovered himself. 

Aaron is now sharing his life motto of “BeLove” with his clients as a real estate agent. So, if you are in AZ, reach out to Aaron and let him know you’re looking for a house. Don’t forget to tell him InkleDeux sent you, because he has to buy Brandon a beer for every referral. You can also find him on Instagram.

I would also like to thank our unwitting host, Esso Coffee. We just showed up and started recording. They didn’t shoo us away, which I greatly appreciate.

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