Trial and Failure

As I stand here in my garage preparing to begin the experimentation process on our cold brew, I’m reminded at how much I hate the trial and error process. Whether you Edison, figuring out the 999 ways to not make a light bulb, or some shmoe in his garage trying to figure out a new cold brew coffee flavor, it’s all the same. A vision and lots of failure.

I have more than once thrown a fit, screaming to God above, “why can’t anything be easy?” We’ve all been there. Failure sucks. And I know there are lots of speakers out there telling me to love failure, to let it fuel me, challenge me. I understand that they are trying to push us out of the fear of failure, but I’m a realist. I know that when I start something new that I’m going to fail and it will make me miserable. That feeling of hopeless frustration is often too much to bear.

So, why not just hole up and do nothing?

For me, the vision is greater than the pain of failure. I look out into my future and see everything that I want to accomplish and pure joy fills me up. I have to do this often because failure empties me out. Sitting here, typing, thinking about having a shop, that I own and run makes me smile. I look like an idiot sitting here smiling to myself.

I remember when my dad was going in for heart surgery. He was freaking out (as we all were). I told him to think about all the stuff he’ll get to do on the other side. It will be like a grappling hook into the future that you can use to pull yourself through this tough time (that’s embellished a bit for emphasis).

Vision is a powerful thing. Think of Martin Luther King Jr and his dream speech. It was a vision of the future.

If you are beginning to work on something new or struggling with failure, look to your vision and reset your perspective. When your future minded, we can find the strength the endure the pain of the present.

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