Highlights – Luana’s Coffee Yard

Welcome to the first of our Highlights mini-series. This is a show within our show where we highlight people doing awesome stuff. These are going to go out in seasons, so this is season 1. My goal is to have seven episodes for each season. For this round, we are highlighting local creators in the Phoenix area.

Our first creator is Aaron Schofield, head honcho of Luana’s Coffee Yard (Facebook). I reached out to Aaron because of his Instagram. There is so much character and creativity in his little mobile coffee unit. He was very gracious to meet with us.

We met downtown at one spot that wouldn’t let us record (lame sauce), so we bounced over to the Filmbar. Aaron brought his lovely girlfriend and partner in crime, Kylee. I wish we could have had 4 mics to get her and AJ’s input as well (but we haven’t quite made it to that next step in podcasting). The walk over to the new spot was nice because allowed us to talk a bit without microphones and ease into the interview. Aaron is one of those guys that just phases through social barriers. I am very anxious when meeting new people, but Aaron’s easy-going and overall happy presence is disarming in the most unexpected way. I left the interview energized like I had not been in a long time.

Lastly, if you’re in the area of downtown Phoenix, Luana’s will be serving at the Downtown Donut Festival. Head down and show them your support. I mean what other reason do you need…oh yeah…DOUGHNUTS!

I hope you enjoy the interview with Aaron and pull some applicable lessons from his experience. Please follow him on the socials and if you see is teal-blue cart, be sure to stop in and say hi (also buy coffee…and tell him you heard about them here).

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