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I really love meeting and speaking with the people we interviewed for the Highlights mini-series. Eric was one of the first we interviewed, and he is the most experienced…I mean he does interviews for a living. Meeting Eric was a treat. He was so at home in the brewery and behind the microphone. AJ and I both commented on how natural he was and he handled the small things we missed, which is the proof of  a craftsman. We are still learning how to interview, so whenever there were down times or odd little silences, Eric was able to fill that up and do it with ease. We felt like champion interviewers, but the reality is that he probably carried most of it.

Eric is the host of Tap That AZ Podcast. I found his podcast a while ago when I was looking to learn about beer. What I found was a so much more. The stories these brewers have is remarkable. I learned so much from their journey and have been putting it into practice here. Eric approaches each conversation as an opportunity for the Brewer to tell their story the way they want to tell it. His genuine approach and desire to help people has resulted in an excellent network of people. I have been to multiple breweries who know him by name (not that I’ve name dropped or anything…more than…twice). It’s no wonder he became the adopted son of the craft beer community.

One of the reasons we love Tap That AZ so much is because Eric fosters community; which, as you know, is one of our pillars (see 4C’s – Community). He is constantly building every one up and encouraging collaborations and celebrating each brewer. One of his goals is to be the main resource for craft beer in Arizona. With the support he has from the community, I don’t think he will have any trouble achieving that.

If you would like to support Eric and his work, please contribute to his Patreon. As I just stated, it takes the effort of the community to help people do awesome things.

You can also visit his Instagram or Facebook and listen to his podcasts on iTunes.

I would also like to say a special thank you to Richter Aleworks. They were incredibly gracious to let us meet and interview at their location. They served delicious beverages and took great care of us. If you are in Peoria, I encourage you to stop in.

***Please note that there is some swearing in this podcast. It is not any worse than what you would hear on prime time TV, but we want offer the courtesy of a warning just in case.

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    1. Thanks. He has a great story and does really good work. We were excited to sit down with him…the beverages were pretty good too 😉

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