Episode 16 – Our 2019 Goals

This is a nice short podcast, as stated in the show, we ran out of hosting space. We didn’t have much, but I still wanted to get something out there for everyone. Confidence comes from consistency, right? Plus, we’ve been meaning to discuss our 2019 goals for a while and this was a perfect opportunity. I hope my voice didn’t put you to sleep.

I would like to reiterate that we truly want your feedback on all of this. Post it in the comments, reply on social media, send us an email, whatever is most comfortable for you. The only way we can make a show you really enjoy, is by telling us what you like and dislike, or by what you ask us to talk about.

Our online store is officially open. You can purchase on the website now, but please remember we can only ship within the state of Arizona (for legal reasons). If you are close by, just send me a message and we can arrange a drop off. That way you save shipping and we save some of the processing fees.

We really appreciate all of you who have been with us this long and we are working to make it better this year. We hope you stay with us and even tell a few friends (wink wink).

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