Goals Part Deux

So, Brandon did a good job hitting on our company goals on this week’s podcast, and this was important so that our goals would be out there and for the sake of accountability for us. Building in that spirit, I wanted to talk a little more about why goals are important, but first a little bit about why I find them difficult.

So, goals have always made sense to me as a concept. It’s much more difficult to get where you want to be if you aren’t willing to name where that is. At the same time, there is a certain, though terrible, advantage to not having a goal. If you don’t have a goal, you can’t fall short of it. This is, obviously, born out of an unhealthy fear of failure, but the health of the thought process doesn’t have much to do with its existence in reality. I’m trying to get past this, and this is exactly why having someone like Brandon in my life is such a huge thing. It’s important that our changes are self-motivated, but that doesn’t change the fact that we need support to make the changes stick.

Again, the importance of setting goals has always been clear as a thought exercise. Knowing what you want to accomplish is the first step to planning and then executing the plan to get there. For me, though, I think the most important part is the idea of accountability. I know, that means the most important thing is, in some ways, the exact thing that has long held me back from making them. This accountability is key for me. I need self accountability, just the knowledge that I’ve set a goal means I need to work to achieve it, but what I need most is the accountability to others. I depend on the check ins from friends and family to make sure I’m going to keep moving on my goals.

Finally, I want to list some of my personal goals to pair with the list on the podcast. Please, by all means, call me on this stuff if you aren’t seeing it.

  1. Get in shape. – To this end, I’ve been on the Keto diet for about a month. I also need to exercise, but the initial goal is diet focused.
  2. Read a book a month. – I used to be an avid reader, but have absolutely fallen into the trap of TV, video games, and streaming services absorbing my free time.
  3. Tweet at least once per day. – As Brandon mentioned, social media is a serious weakness for me. I need to establish the habit of being active on Twitter. In order to have it be a measurable goal, I am starting with posting once per day from the InkleDeux account.

Please help me stick to these goals! God bless!

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